Add Green Coffee Bean Extract to your Daily Weight Loss Routine

green coffee beans
If you’ve tried different diets and struggled to stick to a daily exercise routine, you’d probably jump at the chance to take a supplement that improves your weight loss, particularly if its ingredients are all natural. Well the solution could be ready and waiting in the form of green coffee bean extract, a plant-derived supplement that really appears to help people lose weight.

How does green coffee bean extract work?

Green coffee bean extract is a great natural source of a chemical called chlorogenic acid, which is thought to be responsible for its impressive weight loss credentials. Unfortunately, you can’t just drink regular coffee and get the same benefits, as the roasting process destroys most of the coffee’s chlorogenic acid. In order to lose weight, you need to be consuming coffee bean extract in its green, raw form.

As for the exact way in which green coffee bean extract works, it’s thought that the chlorogenic acid may be beneficial in two ways – firstly by slowing down the absorption of fat from the food you eat, and secondly by increasing the metabolism of extra fat.

Does it really work?

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No supplement is guaranteed to work for everyone, but research suggests green coffee bean extract really can help to fight the flab. In fact, celebrity TV medic Dr. Mehmet Oz recently conducted an unprecedented study involving his entire studio audience, who lost an average of 2lbs in two weeks while taking green coffee bean extract. The only other change participants made was to keep a daily food journal. Other than taking 400mg of green coffee bean extract three times a day and keeping a food journal, they made no other changes to their diet or lifestyle!

What to look for when buying green coffee bean extract

There are lots of different green coffee bean supplements on the market, many of which are from unreliable sources. When you’re looking to buy high-quality green coffee bean extract, there are certain things to look out for:

  • The label should have the words ‘Svetol’ or ‘GCA’. If neither of these are present, buy a different brand
  • It should contain at least 45% of the active ingredient chlorogenic acid
  • The list of ingredients should be available
  • There should be no added fillers, binders or artificial ingredients

How to use green coffee bean extract:

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Green coffee bean extract is available in a range of different sized supplements. But you should get the most benefit from green coffee bean extract by doing the following:

  • Take 400mg, three times a day
  • Take your green coffee bean supplements half an hour before mealtimes
  • Write down everything you eat and drink in a food journal to help you keep an eye on your diet

Who shouldn’t take green coffee bean extract?

Green coffee bean extract appears to be safe for most people to take. However, you shouldn’t use these supplements if you’re:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Under the age of 18 years